You can easily return a receipt or individual items on the receipt.

How to return a receipt:

  1. Click on POS

  2. Click on Sales History at the top right corner

  3. Finde the receipt you want to return

  4. Click on Return Sale

  5. You then get send back to the POS window, where there is a "-1" next to every item.

  6. You can now add, edit and delete products/items

  7. Click on Pay

  8. Choose which payment method the customer wants his money back in. If he wants cash, you click on cash.

  9. The products are then added back in stock and are now logged and returned in your sales history

Return item, without a receipt:
You can also return an item at any time by adding it to the checkout window, by clicking on the added item and under quantity you chanche the number to minus.

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