You can create service reminders and automatic service messages, that will be send to your customers after they for example have bought a bike, so you can reminde them to get a service check of the bike they have bought.

Before the payment

When the ticket/order is in the "Ready for pickup" sektion you need to do as explained below:

1. Click on Mark as done
2. Click on Create service reminders

3. Edit the dates and number of service reminders so it fits the customer and you (You can also edit these in Settings -> service reminder)

4. Click on Save

Customers option

If you didn't create a service reminder in the first place, you can manually do this way:

1. Go to Customers
2. Find the customer you want to set up a service reminder schedule.
3. Click on Add service reminders

4. If there is no serial number on the unit the customer have bought, you need to create that first.
5. Edit the dates and numbers of service reminders so they fit you and the customer
6. Click on Save

On the specific customer you can see the service reminders that have been send and you can delete the next service reminder if you like.

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