You can find products/items in POS in many different ways.

Searching by text and info

In the search box in the upper left corner, you can search for every information you have added to your products/items like text, size and color.
The system then shows you the results below. Remember that the system only shows 12 products/items below pr. page.

Filters and sorting

Right next to the search box, you can sort the products/items so that the Most Sold products/items is shown first or the the products/items that has the Lowest Price is shown first or in Alphabetic order, with A first.
You can also, if you have created different categories for your products/items, choose between these different categories, so the system only shows products/items for that specific category.

Scan with barcode scanner
If you have saved a product/item with a barcode, you can easily just scan that product/item's barcode and it will be added to the checkout menu to the right.

You can at every given moment just clear the checkout menu by clicking on Clear All.

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