How to set up your receipt printer to work correctly

Important: This guide is only for Google Chrome - We always recommend using Chrome.

  1. Connect the printer and install drivers as per the manual.

  2. Click print (receipt) in the system. Anywhere it says (Receipt) is fine.

  3. In the print dialog find the printer scroll down and click “more settings”.

  4. Select paper: 72mm x Receipt / 80 mm x Receipt  (Depends on your specific printer, but select the one that matches your paper).

  5. Disable “fit to paper”.

  6. Set margins to “none”.

  7. Set “scale” to 100%.

  8. If the printers cuts of the text in the right side. Set the Margins to "Custom" and make 2-3 mm of margin in the right side.  

When the settings are correct, the preview should look like the picture below with a long paper and some small text in the top.

If the printer prints out a long roll of paper, make sure that margins are set to none and disable headers and footers if present.

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