Before you get started:

  1. Read the entire guide first

  2. Make an export of your products with an actual stocknumber status

  3. Call us, we need to reset your stocknumber before you start.

What you need:

  1. A computer that is logged in to our system

  2. A barcode scanner that works with our system and is connected to the computer

  3. Possibly some ducktape for dividing your shop

Nice to know:

Status is being created by using the funktion called Stock in the Inventory menu.
Here you can scan your items, add the quantity of the scanned item and approve section of you divided shop.

Can i make a sale while making a stock status?

You can sell in the store while making status, but don't sell the items that are being counted, only the items that are not.

It is an advantage to divide the store into areas / sections where you do not sell products for that specific section you are about to count until it has been reported to the system.

Use any ducktape on the floor, and write for example. "Section 1, numbered: <time>"

Here's how: Make sure the storage is reset before you start!

  1. Divide your shop into areas with ducktape

  2. Open the computer with connected barcode scanner

  3. You go to Inventory -> Stock in our system (Picture 1)

  4. Choose a section in your store and start scanning them first

  5. Add how many you have of each item

  6. Repeat this with all your items in your section

  7. When you have checked that everything is in perfect order you click on Accept new stock

  8. In the note you can add wich section you added (Picture 2)

  9. Click on Save

  10. Now you can sell items for that section that you just have added

  11. Repeat all the steps undtil your entire shop as been counted

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

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