Servicepos can easily handle multiple currency conversions.

It works like this, that you still have a total cash balance in Danish kroner, so the system will only convert the foreign currency and indicate it as a means of payment on the receipt. The system no longer handles foreign currency as multiple cash holdings.

How to setup different currencies:

  1. Go to Settings and click on POS

  2. Scroll down to Payment Types and press +Payment type

  3. Give it a name fx. Euro and check the box Foreing currency

  4. Choose the curreny EUR for euro or SEK for swedish krones

  5. After that you add your conversionrate for example 7,49 for EUR

  6. Press Save

How to use the new currency in POS:

  1. Add items to your checkout in POS

  2. To change currency you just have to press on kr (the grey box to the right)

  3. The system then change the currency to euros and people can now pay with euros

End of day report with different currencies:

The end of day report doesn't register euros it just converts it to danish krones automatically.
So you count your Euro and Danish kroner and calculate the total amount in Danish kroner and use this to reconcile your portfolio.

It is smart to do it this way, since you do not have to deal with more cash in your accounting, and your bank exchanges your Euro for DKK anyway.

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