You can always add every customer you encounter in the system so you always have the name and contact information of your customers available. If you later on want to change the added information about the customer you can always modify it. If you also want to delete a particular customer, this can also be done.

How to add a customer:

  1. Click on Customers

  2. Then you click on +Add customer in the upper right corner

Here you can add the information you want to have on the customer and you can always go back and change the information or completely delete the customer. When you have added all the information you simply press Save in the bottom right corner.

How to modify customer information:

  1. Click on Customers

  2. Write the customers name in the search box

  3. Then click on that customer. Then you can see all the information you have added about the customer and who have made workshop tasks for that customer in the past

  4. In the end you press Edit in the upper right corner

If you want to delete that customer, you simply click Delete in the bottom left corner. When you have modified the customers information you click on Save.

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