You can always create a New order in the system and see which employee that has created the work order, which customer that has ordered the work order, the description of the work order, when the customer must pick up the order and much more.

How to create a New work order:

  1. Click on Tickets

  2. Then you click on New order in the top right corner

  3. At last you enter all the desired information you need in each collum

A more in depth description is shown below:

1. Add a customer:

The top part of the page is where you can add a customer to the New order, that you already have in the system, or you can choose to create a completely new customer.

2. The actual description of the New order:

In the middle of the page is where you can create and describe the individual tasks. We have an example of a customized template, called 1. bike repair, where you can press Replace Chain, which then adds it as a task. You can also choose to describe the task if you feel it is easier. These templates can be fully customized, for example if you have many tasks that are the same and do not need any further description. This is smart if you want to save some time on the description of the tasks. You can click here, for further information about how you create customized Template tasks.
To the right of the Template and Description, you can add a Start time and an expected recovery time/End time, what price that was agreed upon, who is Responsible for this specific work order/workshop task, Tags and the Status of the order.
At last you can add a Task number for a better overview of the diferent tasks.

3. Inventory:

At the bottom of the page is where you can add the Product that you need to be able to solve the particular work task with. Here you can add how many items you need, what kind of Product it is, what the Price is for the Product and what the profit is, by pressing Show profit margin.
You can also add more products to the work order, if you click Add product.
If you want to add products/items even faster you can scan the barcode of the specific item you want to add to the inventory of your New work order.

Once you have added all the required information, tap Create on the bottom left and then you have created a New work order.

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