Once you have added a ticket, you can always go back in the system and edit the ticket as much as you like.

How to edit and delete tickets:

  1. Click on Tickets

  2. Then you click on All (incl. closed)

  3. After that, you click on the work order you want to edit or delete

  4. At last you click on each of the columns you want to edit and then you click Save at the top of the page

A more in depth description is shown below

1. Details of the work order

At the top of the page to the left, you can see the overall details of the work order.
If you press Edit, you can edit the details and set the Status of the work order to new, ready for pending, awaiting or finished.
Below Status you can also edit the End time/pick-up time, correct who is responsible for the ticket and a further Description if there is any extra comments to be attached.

2. The details of the customer

To the right of Details you will find information of the customer who ordered the work order. Here you can edit all the personal information by pressing Show / edit customer and you can add a seperate payer.

3. Products

In the middle of the page, you can see the items you have added to the particular ticket. Here you can always add more items if you later on see that the work order requires more products/items to complete the order. You can do this by pressing +Add product and then search for the product/item you want to add or by scanning the barcode on the item.

4. Add Notes

Below Products, you can add a note to the particular work order, if you want to add an extra comment to the case. If you need to do something on the work order, you can just add that as a internal note and then it will show what User added the Note and when.

5. Files and signatures

At the bottom of the page you can upload files to the work order, like a foto. You can also create a signature using a touchscreen or a mouse.

Once you have edited all the collums you wanted to edit, you can also print the work order, if you click Print the upper right corner.
At last you click Save in the top of the page, when you have edited the things you wanted to edit.

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