If you are about to run a discount campaign, you can create campaigns in the Promotions menu, to trigger discounts when various product combinations are sold in our system.

How to create a discount campaign/Promotion:

1. Click on Inventory
2. Then you click on Promotion in the top right corner

3. Here you can see all of your discount campaigns/promotions.
You can delete the campaigns at any time if you no longer want to use it, by clicking on the yellow trash can to the right.
If you want to add a discount campaign/promotion, click on +Add promotion.

4. At the top of the page you can add a Name of the Promotion and what kind of Discount type the discount campaign/promotion should include.
If you want your discount campaign/promotion to influence the price, so that the price get subtracted by % of a specific product, you can do that.
You can also have a discount type that just substract a specific number of kroners from the item/product.
If you choose Discount type kr subtracted, you can write DKK 100, ie. Then 100 kr is subtracted from the price when the item(s) are purchased.
When you have selected a Name, Discount Type and Amount you need to select a criteria type.

5. The different types of Criteria that you can choose from are:
Product category

Once you have added the specific Criteria you want to include in the discount campaign, you can specify it further in the next box, where you can write exactly what product, brand or product category the discount campaign/promotion should influence.
You can for example select the Criteria called Product category and then write lights or bicycle baskets, then the campaign will affect ALL products in that category.

6. If the discount should only reply to a specific customer group, you can add that as well.

7. After selecting your overall Criteria for your discount campaign, you can set a optimal time interval for the discount campaign/promotion and then the system will ensure that the campaign starts when you reach the start date and that the campaign no longer applies after the end date of the campaign.
When the campaign ends, it will not be automatically deleted, but just inactive so you can always reuse it.

8. The last thing you can add, is a minimal amount of products sold before trickering the discount.

9. When you have added the desired featurs for your campaign/promotion, you can press Save at the bottom right corner and then you have created your discount campaign/promotion.

It will look like this in your POS menu, when a customer buys one or more of your products that are part of your discount campaign/promotion:

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