When your stock count is low on a specific item/product you can buy that specific item/product in Ordering. You can also add items to remind yourself later on to buy the added items.

How to add items to Ordering:

  1. Click on Inventory

  2. Then you search for the specific item and press on the shopping basket to add the item/product to Ordering

You can add as many items as you want to the Ordering menu.
To see what you have added to Ordering, you simply press on Ordering in the top right corner.

In the Ordering menu you have an overview of all the items/products that has been added. Here you can see which item that has been added, the added quantity of the item, the name of the supplier, cost price and when you last ordered the item.
You can also minimize or add quantity to an item, with + and -.
If you want to delete an item for the Ordering menu, you can simply press on the trash can right next to the items. If you want to delete alle orders you can just click on Clear.

If you want to see what you have ordered in the past, you can click on Show orders in the top right corner. Here you have an overview of alle orders.

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