In Bikedesk you can print both price tags and price labels for your bikes or inventory.

Price tags are designed for A6 format, but can be scaled to A5 or A6 in the print settings, these can also be printed on your receipt printer.

Price labels require that you have a Label Printer, e.g. a Brother QL700.

How to print a price tag or label in Bikedesk:

  1. Go to products.

  2. Find the product/ bike you want to print a price tag for.

  3. On the right side click on “Print”.

  4. Now you can add some more info to the price tag if you want, e.g. if it is on sale or you want to write some more details about the bike.

  5. Now click “Price Tag” or “Price Label”.

Note: Printing labels and price tags may look strange at first, but this is mostly due to the printer settings. Make sure that Margins and Headers are disabled and scale is set to match your paper. When printing a Label it is important that you have set up your label printer  according to the label paper size. Setting up your label printer is model specific and usually a guide can be found in the manual.

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