We save most of your data in out system and you can allways go back and look at the Sales history for a specific period.

How to see the Sales history:

  1. Click on POS

  2. Then you click on Sales History in the top right corner

Here you have an overview of all of your sales, when the sale happened, how many items that was bought and the total value of the sale.

If you wanna see exactly what you have sold, you can click on that specific sale.

Here you can see the full overview of the sale.
If you wish to return the sale, you simply click on the yellow square called Return sale.
To see a more indepth explanation of how you return a sale you can click here.

If you want to print a Receipt or a Return label, you simply click it, and you will be redirected to your printer, and then you can print it.
To see a more indepth explanation of how you print out Return labels and Receipts, you can click here.

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