Here is a detailed guide to the process of creating a ticket/order and what the various steps contain and what they mean.
For more information on how to create a ticket/order, click here. You can also get more information on how to edit or delete a ticket/order by clicking here.

1. Step: New ticket

Once you have created your new ticket/new order, you can find it in the sektion called New ticket. As you can see in the example below, there are 1 New ticket (1). Here you can see all the new and ongoing tickets/orders, with a small description of the task, who the customer is, who is responsible for the task and when you have agreed that the customer should collect the ticket/order.

2. step: Mark as done
When you have finished the ticket/order, press Mark as done on the ticket/order you have finished.
Then you get redirected to a pop-up window that looks like the picture below. Here, you can change the status of the ticket/order. You can either choose "Ready for pickup" or "Done". You can also choose whether you want to send an automatic text message to the customer by clicking the box next to "Send text to the customer" so that a mark on the box appears. You can change these text templates yourself. For more information on how to make automatic text message templates yourself, click here.

3. step: Ready for pickup
When you have changed the status to Ready for pickup, checked that the Telephone number is correct and checked the automatic text message is correct, you then press Ok. Then our system sends the text to your customer, and your ticket/order get transfered to the "Ready for pickup" sektion.
If you choose the option "Done" you will be directed to the POS sektion, and the customer can now pay.

4. step: Mark as done
The last step in the process of making a ticket/order is the Mark as done step, where the customer pickup the item and pays.
Here you can create automatic service reminders, so that your customer allways knows when it is time for visiting the shop for a quick service.
If the customer allready has payed in advance, you don't have to check mark the box Send to payment, beause he allready has payed. If he has not you simply put a check mark in the box and the customer can pay.
At the end you simply press Ok and the ticket/order is completed.

If you later on wanna go back to the ticket/order and maybe check the customers personal information you can easily do that, by going to the All (incl. closed) sektion. Here you can see all your New ticket, Ready for Pickup, Waiting and closed/completed tickets/orders.
If you at some point want to go back and edit in one of the tickets/orders you can easily do that by clicking on the ticket/order you want to edit. For further information about how you do that, you can click here.

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