You can have a lot of different users in our System, so all employees can have their own user. In addition, you can add PIN codes to each user, so only the employees them self, can log on to the system.

How to add a new User/Employee:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Then you click on General

  3. At the end, you scroll down to User / Employee

Here you can add Users/Employees and view your already created users/employees.
To add a new user, type the name of the user in the text box under Add New User. Once you have entered the name, press +Add user and then it will be displayed to the right. If you want to temporarily hide a user, you do so by changing the Status to Hideinstead of Active.
You can also get the system to ask for a PIN code, so when a person wants to log in to the system they need to type a PIN. If you want this, you need to click on the box right next to Enable PIN code entry. Then you just enter the PIN code you want to use for the new user or write the PIN code in the text box under New Pin (0-9) right next to the user/employee you want to give the new pin code to.

You can also give the system permission to automatically log the user out of the system by typing how many seconds the user can be inactive, before the user gets logged out, in the text box under Automatically log out. So when you are logged out, you need to enter the PIN code again before you can enter the system. If you do not want the system automatically logging you out, but you want to enter PIN codes everytime you log on to the system, you simply put 0 in the text box. The PIN codes is a nice feature if you want extra security, so only the employees can log in to the system.

Once you've changed and created the users you want, save the new changes by pressing Save at the top right corner, at the top of the page.

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