You can allways go back and edit in your company's basic information. For example if you need to move the company to a new location or you need to switch bank. These informations will be shown when you print something. It is therefore also possible to upload a logo so that it will also be displayed along with the information.

How to change your company's basic information:

  1. Click on Settings in the bottom left corner

  2. Then you click on General

  3. At the end you scroll down to Company Information

Here you have an overview of the company's basic information. You can edit the Store name, Phone number, VAT Reg No., Address, E-mail and Bank details.
You can also upload a logo if you wish, so when you print things out where the company's basic information is on, your logo will also be displayed. You do this by clicking on the pencil or Upload logo in the top right corner and then uploading the logo you want to use.
You can always go back and change this information so nothing is binding.
When you are done editing the Company information, you can press Save in the upper right corner, at the top of the page, to save the edits you made.

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