You can create different Tags, which can be used to categories different tickets, so the process of creating a ticket gets quicker and easier.

How to create a Tag:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Then you click on Tickets

  3. At the end, you scroll down to Tags

Here you can see the various tags you have created. To create a Tag, click on +Tag and then you can name the Tag.

When you click on Edit, you can edit the name of the tag and add a specific color to that tag, so you can easily see the difference of the different tags you have created.
To delete a specific Tag, you simply press the yellow trashcan.
When you have created the tags you want, you press Save.

Here is an example of how such a Tag will look in the Workshop menu, is illustrated below, where I have created a Tag named Warranty and I chose the color blue.

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