You can create different Tags, which can be used to categories different workshop tasks, so the process of creating a workshop task gets quicker and easier.

How to create a Tag:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Then you click on General

  3. At the end, you scroll down to Tags

Here you can see the various tags you have created. To create a Tag, click on +Tagand then you can name the Tag. When you click on Edit, you can edit the name of the tag and add a specific color to that tag, so you can easily see the difference of the different tags you have created.
To delete a specific Tag, you simply press Delete.When you have created the tags you want, you press Save in the upper right corner, at the top of the page.

an example of how such a Tag will look in the Workshop menu, is illustrated below, where I have created a Tag named Warranty and i chose the color blue.

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