When you create a ticket you can add products/items automatically with Fixed product lines. So when a very simple task needs to be made, you can create the ticket faster. For example you can create a Fixed product line where you can add working hours, so your co-workers easily can add the hours they have worked on a ticket.

How to add products/items to tickets?

  1. Click on Settings in the bottom left corner

  2. Then you press on tickets

Here you have an overview of your Fixed product lines. These are the ones that are always there automatically, when you create a ticket.

To add a Product/items, click on +Add Product in the bottom right corner. Here you can then search for the specific product you would like to always be there when you create a ticket. You can for example add fees and labor wages.
When you have added the products/items you want to always be there when you make a new ticket, click on Save.

Here's what it looks like when you create the ticket:

Here you can see the products/items you have added to the Fixed product lines, which will automatically be there every time you make a ticket.
Then you can see what the product/item cost, the profit, the name of the product/item, total price and VAT. You can add as many of the individual products/items as you want.
For more information on how to create a New ticket, click here.

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