When you need to add different types of cards to your accountingprogram, you can add most card types in our system. You can always go back and change it, if you need to change the card type.

How to distribute different card types to your accounting program:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on POS

  3. Then you scroll down to Account no. for payment card

Here you have the full overview of all the card types that our system supports.
Here you enter you Account no. for payment card first, as your primary account to accounting. It then automatically gets posted to you accountingprogram like e-conomic or Dinero. After, you enter the Account number for the different credit cards you use. You can enter as many as you like.

When you have entered all the needed information you press Save in the top right corner.

The payment on the card types without any account no. will be posted on the primary account.

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