The system automatically asks if you want to send out service reminders when you sell a bike.

  1. First: Create a bike sale on the green button in Workshop overview.

  2. Now set the status to “Ready for pickup”

  3. Click on the: “Mark as done”

  4. Now you can add service reminders by clicking: “+Create service reminders..”

  5. You can now edit the dates for the individual service reminder if you want.

Add / Edit / delete service reminders on the customer

  1. Go to the customer

  2. Find the bike that you want to edit service reminders on

  3. Click on “Show details”

  4. Click Add service reminder or Edit the existing ones.

  5. Click Save.


As of the new rules regarding data, you must inform your customers, that you send out texts to them, but they always have the possibility to request that you can stop (delete) the service reminders again.

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