Before your get started:

  1. Read the entire guide

  2. Make an export of your products by navigating to Reports - Exports and select the export "Products in stock"

    This is meant as a backup file and is not necessary to do the inventory count.

What you need:

  1. A Computer logged in to our system

  2. A barcode scanner that works with our system and is connected to the computer - Or your Smartphone or tablet with a camera.

  3. A way to divide the store.

However we recommend that you divide the entire store and stock-rooms in smaller sections and make a counting list for each smaller area. In that way any mistakes made will be easier to track as you will be able to locate exactly where in the store you have counted a specific item.

Here's how to make the count:

  1. Divide the store into smaller areas.

  2. Navigate to Inventory, click the 3 dots in the top right corner and select Stock count.

  3. Create your counting lists. We recommend that you make a list for each area that you have divided your store into. This is to make it easier for you to handle miscounts later on.

    In the "Note" field you can name the list. For instance "Doorbells" or "At the counter". Something that makes sense for you and the staff.

  4. Give each employee an area to count. Please note that you can have as many active counting lists as you like.

When you have finished counting your entire stock go to the Stock count overview. Here you can see the differences between counted stock and what the system expects to be in stock.

Here you can manage the count and check if the counted stock is as it should be.

When you have made the final adjustments click Complete stock Count.

In the next window you will be prompted to decide whether you would like to adjust all not-counted products to 0(zero) or if you would rather not make any changes to the not-counted products.

Please note that when you adjust the products at the end of the stock count there will be no turning back.

This means that you need to make sure that all counts are done correctly and that you are done making adjustments to the counts.

When you click the Preview, you will get the preview and can choose to adjust the inventory according to the counts.

Can I make a sale while making an inventory count?

Yes you can. The system will automatically make sure to adjust the count to match any sold goods in order to get the correct stock at the end of the count.

Can I manually adjust a products stock while making an inventory count?

No, the system will not be able to adjust automatically to an inventory overwrite.

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