Please note: This guide is mostly machine translated and therefor may contain some inaccurate wording.

Step 1 - Connect the printer

  1. Connect the labelprinter with the included USB printer cable.

  2. Then connect the printer to power with the supplied power supply.

  3. Plug the printer cables USB connector into your computers USB port.

  4. Then turn on the printer by pressing the round power button on the top of the device.

Step 2 - Insert the media and calibrate the printer

  1. Open the printer compartment by squeezing the orange buttons on each side of the printer.

  2. Insert a *thermal label roll in between the printer spool holder. They must be pulled to each side to make room for the spool.

  3. Make sure the label roll is properly seated within the holder and the label strip goes through the two clips at the bottom of the holder.

  4. Pull the label out onto the rubber roller and beyond the opening of the printer.

  5. Make sure it is passed straight out from the printer and then close the top firmly again by pressing down on it until you hear a click.

  6. Then press the square 'feed' button at the top of the printer. It should pull one or more labels out. Validate that it comes out correctly and workout any effort.

  7. To calibrate the printer to your specific label size, hold down the 'feed' button until it has flashed green twice, then release right after.

    The printer should pull 3-6 labels out and pull them back a few times as well. In this process the sensor measures the labels size.

    If done correctly, you should be able to get exactly one label out of the printer by pressing the 'feed' button once.

Step 3 - Install the printer driver and configure the printer

  1. Download ZD220 Printer Driver For Windows.

  2. Run the installation program and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

  3. When the installation is complete, install the printer driver.

  4. Select 'USB port' when given the option during the driver installation.

  5. When prompted, disconnect your printer's USB cable and reconnect it relentlessly so that the program discovers your printer.

  6. Then it should recognize your model as the 'ZDesigner ZD220-203dpi ZPL' (You can choose to change this name if you wish)

  7. Complete the installation process and let the installation program complete.

  8. When the installation is complete and confirms 'Installation successful', restart your computer.

  9. You should then be able to locate the printer under your Windows printer list named 'ZDesigner ZD220-203dpi ZPL' (Or the name you chose ealier).

  10. Navigate to the printers settings by clicking Manage and then clicking Printing Preferences.

  11. Under Page Setup, specify the label size you are using - e.g. 40x25 mm or 50x30mm (which are the ones we supply)

  12. When the correct label size is specified, remember to press Apply.

  13. Then test the printer by clicking Print Test Page. The printer should print a single label with a small printer symbol on it if everything is configured correctly.

When this is complete, the printer should be ready for use!

Step 4 - Select the printer in the Servicepos/Bikedesk app

Now all you have to do is selecting the labelprinter under your Settings -> Print in the app and specify the same size as you specified in the printer setting.

INFO: You can use your labelprinter to print both pricelabels and return labels if you wish.

Example of printed price label and exchange mark from a Zebra ZD220 label printer with 50x30mm labels.

If you have questions or need help setting up your label template, please contact our support team - we are happy to help you find the right label template. You can reach our support in the chat or via email:

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