How to send texts to multiple customers at once from our platform.

  1. Navigate to your Customers

  2. Mark the customers you want to send a text to.

  3. Click on Edit all at the top.

  4. Select Send text to all.

  5. Compose your text as you want it to be sent to your selected customers.

  6. Check the SMS message and accept the mass broadcast.

Tip: if you wish to text ALL of your customers, you do not have to select any at the start as they will all be select from the beginning, and then you can un-select some if you wish.

Remember: that every text you send out costs money and counts towards your total prepaid SMS count. A single text contains no more than 160 characters including spaces.

Please note: Legally you can only send SMS messages to customers who have given their consent. We disclaim all liability in relation to this, if you violate your country's laws. Sending scam/spam/phising SMS through our system will result in a permanent closure of your account without any warning.

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