System requirements

  • Compatible browser: Google Chrome (recommended) or Microsoft Edge

  • Operating system: 64-bit Windows (Windows 8, 10 or 11) or 64-bit Mac OS.

  • Minimum 8GB RAM.

  • Minimum 200 MB free disk space.

  • Printdesk is not supported on iOS or Android.


We have developed our own small application that runs on the computer, which allows you to map the device's printers directly into our app. .

On this option you can print receipts, labels and invoices with a single click without having to go through the browser print settings and selecting the printer all the time.

Printdesk runs in the background of your computer and allows us to communicate directly with the connected printers and send prints directly to them which are then printed.

Download Printdesk

Download latest release of Printdesk

The website will automaticly find out if you are on a windows or mac computer

Install Printdesk on Windows

  1. Download the Printdesk installer via the link above.

  2. Run the installer and wait until the installation is complete (the green thing disappears)

  3. Notice if there is a small green icon with an "S" in it down by your other icons by the clock in the right corner. (Press ^ to see all icons).

  4. If the icon is there, simply restart your browser.

  5. If you don't see the icon, simply double-click the Printdesk shortcut on your desktop.

  6. You can now select your system printers in the app under Settings -> Print..

Install Printdesk on Mac

  1. Download the Printdesk installer via the link above.

  2. Open the downloaded file and drag into Applications

  3. Go to Applications and find Printdesk and open it.

  4. If your Mac won't open the file with instead comes with an unversel then follow the below or go to step 8.

  5. If you have the problem opening the file, go to System settings / System preferences on your Mac.

  6. Press Security & Privacy .

  7. At the bottom it says "" is blocked because the publisher is unknown - choose to Open anyway.

  8. Once this is done, you should be able to open Printdesk without any problems.

  9. When the application is open and active, the icon is located up by the clock in the right corner.

  10. Restart your browser if it was already open. Make sure you use Chrome on Mac too.

  11. You can now select your system printers in the app under Settings -> Print..

Using Printdesk

Select e.g. receipt and press the dropdown button to see the available printers.Now select the receipt printer (These are often called something different depending on the make and model e.g.: Star TSP 143) Now press "test" to confirm that it works. All receipt printouts will now be automatically printed on the selected receipt printer.

Repeat for remaining printers.

If the format of the printout looks strange, it is important to check that the paper size is set correctly in the printer setup. This is especially true for label and barcode printers.

This article is machine translated and may contain inaccuracies.

Søgeord: program bon kvittering label byttemærke faktura direkte udskriv
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